Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Feb 15

This week was the first time I can truly say that I ate something weird.. Ahhh we were at lunch and they said we were going to eat a type of meat thats called "Igado". I asked what type of animal it was and they said cow.. Then my companion was pointing to her stomach saying it was that part of the cow.. When I asked "Ah entonces el estomago (stomach) de la baca?" She told me no.. She said its a different organ in the body. Well, after some time I found out it was the LIVER! Ahhh seriously I didnt think I was going to be able to finish it. But we had to because here it is really rude if you don't finish everything on your plate. So I was taking huge bites and hoping that my face wasnt a face of disgust. But the good news is that I got through it, the bad news is that the member thinks that I liked it. Lets hope that I dont have to eat it a lot...

Another crazy thing that happened this week is something called Carnival. Its a holiday that they have here. No one really knows what they are celebrating but its a holiday where the kids throw flour at everyone who passes by in the streets. Our liders told us that we had to stay in our houses after lunch because its dangerous. We didnt understand, but then a member told us that now people have started to through eggs, tomatoes, and potatoes at people in the streets. Luckily for us we only got a ton of flour thrown at us. It was funny because we were on the way to a lesson and we couldnt go back and change before so we got to the lesson with a ton of flour all over us. 

Something that have seen a lot these last couple of weeks is when we are truly obedient to the Lords commandment we will recieve an abundant amount of blessings. The last few weeks we have been blessed with finding a lot of new families who truly have the desire to learn of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that this is a blessing from the Lord because of our faithfulness to Him. If we are disobediant in our lives, the Lord is not obligated to bless us. But as it says in Doctrina y Convenios, el Senor is obligated to bless us if we follow his commandments. Always make time in the day for Him! Always study and pray and I promise that you will see many blessings in your life! 

I love you all so much and I know with all of my heart that this church is true, that Christ lives, and that every single one of our prayers are heard. 

Con mucho mucho amor,
Hermana Baird

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