Sunday, March 13, 2016

This week we had an extremely humbling experience. I have never felt my heart break like it did.

A couple of weeks ago we were visiting an investigator. Part of our area is up in the mountains and that is were she lives. Well on our way there we passed a lady and her two kids. The lady was laying in the middle of the dirt path, and the kids were just sitting very patiently. We got to the house of the investigator and she still hadnt gotten home so we had to wait for about 15 minutes. The lady who was laying on the ground starting to yell that she wanted to die. We decided that we were going to go and talk to her and her kids. As we began talking we realized quickly that she had been drinking, and drinking a lot because she couldnt stand up. As we were talking to her kids who were 10 and 6 years old they said that they were actually members of the church, but they attend a different ward.  We got the number of their mom so that we could give it to the missionaries in their ward. 

The next week we saw them in the street in our area. We started talking with them and they told us that they met a member in our ward and it turns out that they actually live in our area and should attend our ward. We were surprised because they live about 45 minutes walking, from our house. They told us that the primary presidency was going to pick them up for church on Sunday to go to our ward. We were excited because we wanted to help their mom reactivate herself in the church. We talked to the primary president about them the next day and we learned a lot about this family. She told us the following...The mom is a single mom with 4 kids who are 12, 10, 8, and 6. They are very poor and live in extremely poor conditions. And that this Saturday she wanted us to come with them to the house. When I heard this I felt a lot of sympathy for this family, but when we went to the house is when my heart broke for them.

They live about 20 minutes walking from the main road, and they live in the middle of the mountains, there are very few houses close to them. Their house is made up of 5 pieces of metal, 4 walls and one piece for the roof, and it is held up by logs from trees. The house is about as big as 2 queen size beds. They dont have electricity, they dont have running water, they dont have a bathroom, they dont have hardly anything. There is a well where they get water, but this water is extremely dirty. If we were to drink it we would be in the hospital in less than 1 hour. But this is the water that they drink. When it is in a glass it isnt clear, it is a yellowish color. There is a big hole in the way to there house and the kids call it there pool and it is where they take baths when it rains a lot. On the way to there house there is an area where all of the trash is dumped. They told us that they sometimes they look for food there because sometimes there is ¨delicious bread¨ or ¨some left over chips in the bag.¨ We got to the house and brought food and clothes for them. When we got there the mom had been drinking a lot again, and she feel asleep after we had been there for 5 minutes. She fell asleep with an open fire because she had been cooking, and the 10 year old was then in charge of finishing the cooking. My heart literally broke for this family. We are continuing to go to their house and helpinh the mom remember the blessings that she received when she was going to church. We want to help her so that she can help her kids. As a relief society we are going to do service at their house frequently and are continuing to bring food and clothes to the family. Every sunday afternoon a member in our ward is feeding the kids and the mom. 

As sad as this situation is, I am grateful that I have the opportunity to see something like this. It has made me relize truly how blessed I am. It made me realize how this gospel truly blesses people. These kids have nothing but are always wanted to go to church and talk about the scriptures because that is where they can find joy. What a grand example this is for each one of us--to always look to the gospel for joy. When we think we have nothing, when we are going through a hard time, if we rely on the gospel we truly can find happiness. I am grateful for the example of this little kids, please keep this family in your prayers!!!

I love guatemala. I love the humilty of the people here. They are teaching me how to find joy in every circumstance. They are teaching me that if we truly center our lives in Jesus Christ we will find the positive in every experience, trial, affliction that we have. I know this church is true, and I know that our Heavenly Father loves each and every one of us.

MUCHAS GRACIAS for all of your prayers and support!
Hermana Baird

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