Monday, April 25, 2016

El Baul

El Baul

Wooo I am now in my second area! I am slowly getting adjusted, it feels a little like I am restarting my mission because I don't know anyone and never know where I am, but little by little I'm getting used to it! I am now in Quetzaltenango and am in area that is called Baul because Mt. Baul is right next to us. Its super pretty. Its actually super cold here and has rained everyday since I have gotten here. But I am loving it! 

The members in this ward are superrrr awesome and love missionary work which is great great news for us! There is a family in this ward who the dad was a mission president, the temple President here in Xela, and a 70. And this last general conference one of his sons was just called as a 70! Its awesome to see how strong the members are here in Quetzaltenango. Well yesterday was my first Sunday and my companion told me that I would be sharing my testimony during sacrament. I was fine with that until we were sitting in sacrament before church and a 70 walked in! I got super nervous because I was going to have to talk in front of a 70 haha but it was all good, and I don't think I slaughtered my Spanish too bad. It was a great opportunity to be able to hear from on of the leaders of the church and increase my faith a little more. 

My new comp is awesome! Her name is Hermana Ruiz and she is from Honduras. She reminds me in some ways of my first comp Hermana Rodriguez which is great. :) She has 3 months in the mission, and is already a super awesome missionary. I feel blessed to have her as my companion! 

Love you all so much! And just a reminder, I love hearing from you guys so write me!

Con mucho amor,
Hermana Baird

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