Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Nov 14 No blog Nov 21--Happy Thanksgiving!

Our best friend Ivan! These little things are called Tuk Tuks and they save our lives here. They are like little taxis and are super cheap! So we take them often since our area is so huge. Ivan is always coming and picking us up and taking us everywhere. He is the best! 

On Sunday we went to the hospital. We took a video with us about Christ and Christmas. We went during the hour of visits, and searched for the people who didn't have any visits so see if we could share the video and a scripture with them. We were able to teach 3 people in that hour who weren't members of the church! Then as we were finishing up, we were singing a hymn and we saw a member pass by the window. We went searching for them and found a member who had been in the hospital for a while and his family, and another family was there visiting him. We then had the privilege to share a small message with him too. It was a great day! 

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