Thursday, October 8, 2015


Hola mi familia y mi amigos :)

This week has been so awesome!! Last Tuesday we got to start the day with going to the temple which is always amazing. After that we got to leave the MTC and go to the central mercado and central plaza in the heart of Guatemala City! It was so great to finally get out and see parts of Guatemala (in the MTC it kinda feels like we are still in America). The best part about this little adventure was when we went to the central plaza we had two Books of Mormon to hand out. My companion, Hermana Compton, and I prayed about who we should pass them to, and then began the search. We saw a couple sitting with a baby and a stoller and felt like we should talk to them. There names were George and Sharon. They had heard of the Church before, and seen missionaries like us before. George told us that his mom and siblings were actually members of the church, and that he had been thinking that he wanted to learn more about it--so cool!!! We got to know him, his wife, and his three kids for a couple of minutes and then introduced the Book of Mormon to him. We gave them a copy and the seemed so grateful and happy to receive it. They gave us their contact info and we were able to give it to the MTC president so that they could start meeting with missionaries that are in their area! Our next copy we gave to another couple, Rosa and Gary.  They were so kind and willing to listen to our message too. People here are so humble and accepting here it is amazing! They all love to listen to the messages we have. Anyway, we found out that Gary and Rosa were Catholic, so we asked them if they believed in the Bible. They said yes, so we began to explain the Libro de Mormon was an addition to the Bible, its another testimony of Jesus Christ only when he visited the Americas. We had them read a short part of the Introduction and they said, "que bonita!" They seemed to really love it and took a copy and said they were going to read it. I LOVE THESE PEOPLE! It was such a great experience getting a little taste of what I will be doing when I leave the training center and am in the field. I am so excited--only three more weeks :) 

So last week Hermana Compton and I were talking to Hermana Cox who is the MTC President's wife. We were talking about what food we really missed from home and Hermana Compton said chocolate chip cookies. So then Hermana Cox said, okay sometime this week I am going to bake cookies for you two and your roommates. But keep it a secret because its only for the four of you. So on Friday after our exercise time we got to go to her and Presidente Cox's apartment and eat fresh, homemade chocolate chip cookies :) I never thought I would apprecieate cookies so much. It was so fun getting to chat with Presidente and Hermana Cox for a little while. What awesome people with such a strong love for missionaries and the gospel. Since conference was the next morning they encouraged us to think of questions that we wanted answered. My main question was what can I do to become the very best missionary I can be, and that was definately answered! 

Conference was so incredible, and I was so grateful to be able to watch it at the MTC. The spirit here is so strong which made conference even better than I imagined it to be. I had a lot of favorite talks, but one of my most favorites was by President Monson about being a light, and letting your light shine. He gave us six ways that we could do this. Be an example in word and conversation, reach out to all in need with charity, be an example in spirit by having gratitude kindness and goodwill, be and example of faith by trusting the in the Lord, and to be pure. If we do these things we are qualifed to be lights of the World. We will stand out as bright lights in this dark world. As we are lights, we can light and illuminate the paths of others. I loved that. I know that if we do these things it will not only bring us happiness, but those around us! I love President Monson with all my heart, I love the Apostles with all of my heart, and I am so excited for these 3 new Apostles who just got called this weekend. 

I love you all so much, thanks for being such great supports. 

Much love from Guatemala,
Hermana Baird

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