Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Title: 2 MONTHS!!!

I love it here. These people are so much fun. IT feels like I am literally just the joke of my area. Everyone just laughs at me because I am the gringa who is trying to speak Spanish and sound like I am 2 years old--but I love it haha. I just laugh with them at myself and keep trying to talk! The members here are so sweet. We get to eat lunch with them each day and they feed us sooo much, oh my.  I think I probably eat 20 tortillas a week, no joke. They are so delicious because people are making them fresh daily! Its so cool how they make them, I tell everyone who can "tortillar" that I want them to teach me! They just smile and laugh...my comp said its super hard, so I think that's why they laugh. 

One of my favorite parts of the day is during dinner time. We never actually take the hour we have for dinner. We aren't usually suppose to eat street food because who knows whats in it and how much it could destroy our stomachs. There is a member who sells street food,  and since we know and trust her, its okay! She makes things called Chicharrines and I have honestly no idea how to explain it, so I am going to send a pic next week. But she always has the best Guatemalan food! Saturday she had empanadas that were made with  fresh corn tortillas and stuffed with potatoes and meat and then deep fried. So good! I love being able to support the members here through these kind of things. 

Its so funny, there are these two ladies we are teaching who are cousins and are probably about 30 or so. There are always a ton of kids outside of their houses so I always bring candy. I didn`t have that many at the last lesson so I just gave it to Maida and Aracely, the ladies we are teaching. They asked where I got all of it and I said ohhh my parents have sent me so much and I need to get rid of it or else I am going to be a little more than chubby or "gordita." They laughed and said they would have it. And I said okay if you guys want it just start calling me gordita and its all yours. So now my new name to them is Gordita Gringa. Hahaha I love them. Lessons are always so much fun with them and they are super receptive thus far! 

Thanks so much for all your support!
Much love from the beautiful country of Guatemala,
Hermana Baird

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