Tuesday, July 5, 2016

It's been awhile....

Ahhh I havent written a blog in forever but I am going to just update on the most important stuff.. First of all, Alejandro got baptized! I am going to attach what i sent to my mission president about Alejandro so you guys can get to know him a little too:

"Hola Presidente Smith,

This week was seriously great. We have an investigator named Alejandro who is 17. We actually found him when we were doing a service project for the semana de la familia. Him and his mom passed by and were asking what organization we were. We talked with them for a bit and then got there info. We kept trying to call and pass by their house to put a appointment, but never could find them, and when we talked to them on the phone they said they were about to leave and didnt know when we could visit them. So one day we finally were able to put an appointment and when we got their they werent there. As we were leaving we found them walking back to their house. We started to talk and they were very straight forward with us and told us that they were evangelicos and that the day they talked to us they had no idea that we were Mormons. They said they were just looking for work for their son, and good friends for him, so thats why they were interested when they saw us. We were with the mission leader of the stake and he started to explain that we would jsut like to visit them and explain who we are and what we believe without any comittment. We also explained mutual and how Alejandro could meet knew friends that have good values. They accepted and we started to visit them. He went to every single mutual since we invited him, but he didnt want to go to church sunday because he went to his other. We were going slowly with him because of what they had told us. Well a couple of saturdays ago we visited him and invited him to church again, and he said yes he wanted to go! We were super excited and that same day at church he met with the Bishop and asked him how he could become an official member of the church. So the next day we visited him and we put a baptism date, and he is getting baptized this thursday!! We are so happy for him. Yesterday we had a missionary activity for all of the young men and women in the stake. It was a talk and then we left with the kids and contacted. When we got back to the church we had a testimony meeting and alejandro bore his testimony in front of everyone. Elder Fuentes was in his group and said that he was super awesome and the kid who was contacting the most people in his group. We are so excited for him and its truly amazing how the Lord prepares people and then uses us as intraments to bring them to the gospel."

So yeah, alejandro is super awesome, and he got baptized this Thursday! The baptism was amazing and the spirit was so strong. He now wants to start getting ready for his mission, so we are super excited for him.

This week we had a super cool experience. There was a lady outside her house cutting flowers and I had this super strong feeling to talk to her.. We kept walking cuz my comp was on the phone but I told her that I really wanted to talk to that lady so when we go back we need to knock on her door. Well when we had finished lunch and were on our way back she was outside still doing yard work. We asked if we could help and we started pulling weeeds with her. After we were able to share something with her and she was super receptive to us. The next appointment she told us that she had a dream that she wanted to share with us. (People here in guate have a serious gift.. There dreams are amazing! Everyone has super religious dreams) She told us that in her dream Jesus came and there were tons of people that were wearing white and rising up to heaven. She was stuck on the ground, she really wanted to start to rise but couldnt. She prayed and prayed and God told her she wasnt prepared. There were then two gringas (white people) who came up to here and started talking and she new in that moment God was giving her another oportunity. It was super cool and we were able to explain to her that it isnt a coincidence that we were there with her--two gringas just like her dream, who were hear to help her come to know God better. She told us she knew it wasnt a coincidence and when she saw us in the street she felt like she needed to talk with us, and was happy when we started talking to her. I love being a missionary, I love guatemala, and I LOVE these people so much!

Much love from Guate,
Hermana Baird                                  
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