Monday, August 15, 2016

August 8

Okay so this week was just amazing and full of so many exciting and joyful things! First of all on Thursday we got to go to the temple. This is something so special because we only get to go every 6 months. When we got there one of the first people I saw was a Sister named Paty Socop. She was one of my favorite people in my other ward, Baúl, so I was so exciting to see her! Then the next person I saw was the Bishop´s wife from Baúl too! Another one of my all time favorite people. As we were in the temple I was pondering a lot about my mission up to this point, and was just filled with love and gratitude because Heavenly Father has put so many amazing people in my path that have made it so much fun to work hard with. As we left the temple, Bishop Willy, from Baúl was outside waiting for his wife!! We took some pictures and were able to catch up some. It was such a great day to be able to go to the House of the Lord and to see so many people that I love so much. 

Yesterday we had an experiencia that I would like to share also. On Saturday, we had a day where we just kind of felt down. But something that I have learned is when you start feeling like that, the only thing to help you out is to just keep working, but harder! Yesterday we were working and we felt a ton better. We stopped by this place that sells tortillas to talk with the people there. There were two girls who started talking to us, Graciela and Sandra. We asked if we could share a video about Jesus Christ with them and the gladly accepted. The invited us in and we starting to share a message with them. At the end of the lesson we felt the spirit so strong. We invited them to be baptized, and they both said that they wanted to be. We asked Graciela why she would like to be, and she told us that she felt like what we had talked about was true and that she felt that we were sent to her house because she needed help. She told us that she has been feeling really sad lately and really alone:her family all lives about 2 hours away, and she just lives with her sister and cousin to sell tortillas. She told us she knew that we were there to help her and that she felt so happy that we came to visit her. We know that the gospel is going to bless her life so much and we are so happy that our Heavenly Father placed them in our path.

Today was an amazing day too! We had a zone activity which is always fun. But then, my favorite family ever came to visit us! THE FAMILIA SANCHEZ! They came all the way to Toto from Xela to take us out to lunch and to visit with us. Jaime Sanchez, actually traveled to the states a couple of weeks ago and was able to meet my mom, stepdad, and our horses so he was able to show me all the pics they took and catch me up on everything. It was such a great day! 

I love the mission so so much. Although there are times where it can be the hardest thing that I have ever done, the miracles, and the tender mercies make up for it all! This week my heart has been filled with so much love and so much happiness. I love Guatemala and I love the people here. This place truly feels like my home and I am just so grateful for all of the experiences I have had in these past 10 months. 

Thanks for all the support! 

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