Sunday, August 21, 2016

August 15

It has been another week of miracles here in Toto! First of all, I went to my first Consejo de Líderes and it was amazing. Its where all of the Zone Leaders and Hermana Leaders go and listen to our mission President. It was so amazing, the spirit was so strong, and I learned SO much. We learned a lot about our desires, and if we put our desires in line with the desires of the Lord, we will find out that we can have a lot more success. We also talked a lot about faith. And how in order to reach our desires we need to have faith and hope that the Lord will help us. He has promised to help us as long as we are always trying to keep his commandments. Our mission president talked a lot about obedience. For those of you who have served a mission, you know that obedience is one of the most, if not the most, important thing. We need to be obedient so that the Holy Spirit can be with us. If we do one thing wrong, we are offending the Spirit, and its hard to have it with us when we teach. After consejo, my companion and I made the commitment to be exactly obedient in everything! I have truly seen and felt the difference this week because of this. We saw so many miracles, and were truly led by the Spirit in our lesson, and while trying to find new people to teach. I had a very special experience on Friday. We went to a lesson with an investigator who we had just started teaching. We had only taught him one time and really didn't know too much about him still. We got to his house planning on teaching a lesson about the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As we started talking to him we felt quickly that we should not talk about that, but that we needed to talk about repentance and baptism. A scripture came to my mind, it was a scripture about the final judgement. I opened up my Book of Mormon and I knew exactly what verses he needed to read. I asked him to please read the 4 verses, and as he began reading I realized those were not the scriptures about the topic I was thinking. It was a scripture that talked exactly about Repentance, and was a scripture that was absolutely perfect for the situation. I was in complete shock. This scripture came very clearly to my mind, and I didn't even realize it was different than what I had been thinking. The Lord truly helps us in life if we are worthy to have the Spirit to be with us. This experience testified that to me. The spirit puts the exact words in our mouths, and the exact ideas that we need to share in our minds. The mission is so amazing, and I know I always say this, but I have learned so much, and am so excited to keep on learning. I hope everyone has a fantastic week!

Hermana Baird

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