Sunday, September 11, 2016

August 29

Ofelia and I before church. This litte girl is so special to me! We have been teaching her and her sister for awhile now, but they havent been able to get permission from their parents to get baptized. This week we were able to teach her parents too and it was truly a miracle! We are hoping soon that the whole family will be able to be in church with us. :)

 Ofelia and Salome (one of the kids of the Familia Herrera) being us for a few minutes after church! 

Juanita! This is Ofelia's sister. She ALWAYS uses corte, but I gave her a dress that was too small for me and she wore it to church! It was such a miracle haha. That was the first time I had every seen her wear anything that wasnt typical clothing from Guatemala. 

The rainy season is beginning! Yesterday after church we went out to work and after our first lesson it started down pouring. Sadly, every single lesson that we had planned didnt work out. The people werent home or they were busy. So, we were out knocking on doors for 4 hours in the rain! We actually had so much fun. But we were SOAKED! Everything in my backpack was soaked as well. My scriptures, everything! We had dinner with a family that night and when we showed up, they were all in shock about how soaked we were. They made us change into their clothes because they thought we were going to get sick. Well, lets just say our outfits were very interesting. And that it was a good thing that was our last appointment before we went home! It was a good, fun, wet day! 

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