Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Sept 19

The phases of Hermana Baird and Hermana Compton:
(This is what happens when being with someone for almost 4 months, 24/7.
I promise we love each other haha.)
We start annoying each other..
Then talk about how we can stop annoying each other..
Then we love each other again and are once again best friends.

Today we had such an awesome Zone Activity! We went to a soccer court and we rented these huge balloon ball things. You run full speed into each other and then fall over and just bounce. Its was a ton of fun, and don't worry, no one got hurt! 

This week Hermana Compton and I both completed 1 year on the mission. It was a great day. We bought a piƱata from one of our investigators and we burnt our shirts. We also had divisions that day so it was super fun being with the Hermanas from Chiyax!

As I think back on this year, I am so grateful for all that has happened. I have had experiences that are indescribable, companions that are some of the most loving people I have ever met, and above all I have strengthened my testimony and my love for my Savior. I have strengthened my relationship with him and know with out a doubt he is guiding me and protecting me here in Guatemala. I am so grateful for the 6 more months I have to serve the Lord with all of my might, mind, and heart, and help his children come unto him.

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