Sunday, September 11, 2016

August 22

The zone Totonicapán.

Saturday we went to an appointment and when we arrived there were a ton of people at the house! We thought ahhh dang it we arent going to have a lesson cuz there is some sort of party. Well, when we put the appointment, they appearently knew, and the told us, "Come in! We have been waiting for you guys!" Well, lets just say, that we are not in a touristic area, so many people are used to seeing white people. We walked in and everyone was just looking at us haha. They were preparing their Tamales for the party (thats what they are doing in the pic), and then all of a sudden they all wanted pictures with us! We became the entertainment very quickly. The family still said that we could share something with them, but we decided it would be better to come back a different day when there wasnt a birthday party. It was a funny experience. The types of clothes that they are using is called corte. In Toto, almost everyone uses it! Its not as common in other places, but here its almost strange if someone doesnt use it! I love it when little kids are using it, sooo cute. So after we took pics with everyone we asked them if we could take pics of them haha.

This week was my comps birthday. With my district leader, we planned a surpise lunch with our district. Well, lets just say that latinos know how to have fun on birthdays! Three of the missionarys in our district are from Honduras, and they have a tradition where the smash eggs on the person´s head whose bday it is. So we blind folded her and smashed eggs on her head haha. Then I felt a little bad so I washed her hair for her haha.  


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