Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Dec 26

This Christmas week has been amazing! On Tuesday we went to Xela because we had a Christmas Devotional with our Mission President. It was super great, we got to sing, listen to some really talented people play their instruments, and then we were able to watch the movie The Testaments. Then we had a special Christmas dinner with ham, mashed potatoes, a marshmallow salad, and pumpkin pie! It was greatttt. Later that day we went with some of the members from our ward to deliver some rice crispy treats that we made, and to sing Christmas songs to less active and inactive members.

Here everyone celebrates Christmas on Christmas Eve. They wait until midnight and at midnight the entire city is putting off fireworks. So on Xmas eve literally everyone is inviting us over to eat paches. I will send a picture because I am not really sure how to describe them. Its like a tamale, but it is made of potatoes or rice. They are sooo good but after one you are stuffed, well within one hour, they had given us 3! I was dying. Last year at midnight we woke up to look out and see the fireworks, we didn't need an alarm because of all the noise. This year we thought we wouldn't need an alarm either because the city we are in celebrates a TONN. Well, we had worked really hard during that day because my comp and I woke up in the morning really sad because neither of us had heard a single thing the night before. We missed the firework show! But the good news is I will be able to see them on New Years because they set off even more that night. Christmas day was great. We went to church, and then had 2 Christmas lunches scheduled that day.. I was dying.. They give missionaries wayyyy to much food here haha. In the afternoon we went to an appointment with a family that we had never taught before. When we went, they had many questions about baptism and they accepted baptism dates for the 1 of February!! It was a Christmas miracle.

Tomorrow are changes and Hermana Higgins will be transferred to a new area. I will miss her a ton! I am not sure who my new comp will be, but I just know that she will be a Latina! I am so happy, my Spanish can finally get better after having a north american companion for the last 8 months haha.

I hope everyone has a happy new year!!!!
Hermana Baird

Christmas caroling and delivering Rice Crispys! 

Eating pache after pache... It doesn't look that appetizing in the picture, but it is so so delicious! 

Christmas Lunch with some of our investigators! Cami, the little girl, did not want us to leave.. So she went and blocked the door so that we couldn't get out. :)

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