Thursday, January 12, 2017

Jan 9

Wow, another whole week has past by. Everyday of this new transfer has been such an adventure with Hermana Moruna! Yesterday we had a hugeee adventure and we learned a lot about the importance of being obedient. So, we went to a place in our area called Tierra Colorada. Its a little village about 30 minutes in bus from our house. The transportation to get back to San Francisco stops at about 5:30. So we got to Tierra, went to our appointment, and when we were finished we were making good time to get back to where the bus passes. We were about 25 minutes walking from that point. So we made it up there and there were a couple of people waiting for the bus and they told us that they had been there waiting for 45 minutes, but they said that for sure the last bus would pass at 5:30. So we waited and waited and finally at 5:30 the bus passed... But they didn't stop for us because it was packed full!! Ahh we didn't know what to do because a couple of weeks ago we had to call someone to come and pick us up because our appointment went late... and we did not want to have to do that again. Every once in awhile little pickups pass by to give people rides, but we are only allowed to ride in the types that have bars surrounding them. So, we decided to start walking. We had about a half an hour until it was dark, and we figured it would probably take us, at the least 2 hours to make it back to San Francisco. As we started walking, we talked to many people who we passed, presenting ourselves and asking how long we had til we get to "la cumbre" its a point in the road where it comes to a "T" and the other road has a lot more buses and transportation, so we figured if we just got to there we would be good! Well, some people told us ahhhh hermanas you have at least another 2 hours if you walk. So we continued walking. As we stopped to talk to a family they told us that we would probably be able to take a ´pickup back to San Francisco because they pass until pretty late. As we started walking away from them a pickup with the bars on it passed! We stopped it, but they said they weren't going to be going to San Fran or to the cumbre.. Right behind it was another pickup, but this one didn't have bars, the kind we aren't allowed to take. It stopped and I asked if it was going to the cumbre. They said yes, that they were going to San Francisco! My comp and I looked at each other, like what do we do? For this half of a second when I thought what should we do, I felt super strongly that Satan was putting this temptation in our path and that we needed to keep walking. We told them no we weren't going to take it. The family who had literally just told us that we would be able to take a pickup back probably thought we were completely crazy, and my comp and I thought for a second, what are we thinking?! Why didn't we take that pickup.. Then I just remembered, that all blessings we receive comes from obedience. So we continued walking, oh and did I mention that we weren't just walking, we were walking up a huge mountain.. About 15 minutes later, another pickup passed and it had bars! It was going to the cumbre so we took it. In the back of the pickup with us was a family of 5 who we were able to talk with and who lives in our area, near to where we had been visiting that same day! We were able to get there number and are going to be able to visit them this next week. As we got to the cumbre, it was freezing cold! "La cumbre" means the highest point, so we were literally up in the clouds with a tonnn of wind. We began to walk again and at that point we only had about 40 more minutes of walking. Well, a mini bus passed, and we flagged it down to stop. It wasn't a bus that usually takes people, it was a bus that this family usually fills up with fruit to sell in the market. But it was empty and they told us that they would take us back to Centro. As we began talking to this family of 5 we learned that they are good friends with our Bishop and also with the Consilor of the Stake Presidency. We were able to talk with them a little about how we would like to visit them to share with them how the Lord can bless there family and how they can become an Eternal Family. They told us where they lived and we also will be visiting them next week. We were able to find 2 whole families this day because we chose to be obedient. I am so grateful for each and every blessing the Lord has given me in the mission, and am so grateful for the experiences that I am having that teach me every day how I can be a better person and a better daughter of God. 

Love you all!
Hermana Baird

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