Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Jan 16

Well, Today feels a little bittersweet. Today is my 16 month mark in the mission. I cannot believe how fast the time is going by, and I really don't want to believe it. The mission is such an amazing time in life. We are able to testify of Christ every single day, multiple times a day, we are able to feel the Spirit always, and we are able to meet and help so many of God´s children come unto Christ. I have learned so so much during these months. It is actually kind of funny because I have been a member of the church for more time on the mission than in my house. People always ask me about how I speak English, but I always tell them that I know a lot more about the gospel in Spanish than in English. When people ask me to pray in English I always am thankful that they cant understand me because my prayers sound like a 3 year old is saying them. Also sharing my testimony in English is a huge struggle. I think I will be looking into going to a Spanish ward when I get home! Hahaha. 

Anyways, this week it was proven to me that we won't always see fruits from our work right away, but we will eventually see them. On Wednesday we were walking and I saw Eliza Gutierrez. She was someone that I was teaching when I was in my last area. She got baptized the week after I had transfers! She is 20 years old and such a strong strong girl. Her family is so against her joining the church and so she moved to San Francisco with her sister! So now she is attending our ward. :) It is so great to see what a strong testimony she has and the sacrifices that she is willing to make to follow the Lord!

Next, on Friday we were in a lesson and this number that wasnt familar called us like 4 times in a row. We didnt answer since we were in the lesson, but after I called back. When someone answered they said, Hermana Baird? And it was Nestor Lopez! He was someone that Hermana Morisette and I contacted about 8 months ago when I was in Xela. He was such a special person to me and I felt so strongly that one day he would get baptized! He had a lot of baptism dates, but there were some things that caused him to not feel ready to make the decision. Well when he called he told me that he was calling me to let me know that Sunday (yesterday) he was going to get baptized! He said that he wished that Hermana Morisette and I could be there with him, but that he was so greatful that we found him and helped him learn about the gospel. 

I know that every single effort that is put towards the Lord's work has its fruits. Whether it is visiting teaching, or missionary work, every effort counts! The Lord just wants us to do our very best and he will bless us with the rest. Amo este evangelio, y amo esta obra. Y sobre todo, amo a mi Salvador, Jesucristo. Yo sé que esta iglesia es de Él, y es el unico camino para regresar con nuestor Padre Celestial. Que tengan una muy muy feliz semana.

Les quiero muchísimo!
Hermana Baird

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